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HOMCOM 3-IN-1 Portable Air Cooler Heater Humidifier with Ice Crystal Box 3 Speed 3 Mode 7.5 Hour Timer Remote Controller Included White

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Stay comfortably cool and warm all year round: go for this air cooler, heater and humidifier from HOMCOM. The fillable ice boxes will create fresh and cooling air, which is ideal for hot Summer days. The 'heat' option will keep you comfortably warm in the Autumn and Winter. There are three different modes: normal/natural/sleep, alongside three speeds: low/medium/high for a more personalised experience. Controlled by either the on-unit LED panel or remote, comes with a 7.5 hour timer and is finished with four castor wheels to move around easily.


  • Blade can be manually adjusted up and down. Swings in both directions to cover a large range Three modes - normal, natural and sleep - and three speeds: low, medium and high
  • 8.5L water tank prevents you from adding water continuously
  • 7.5 hour timer is easy to start and stop within a specific time range
  • Four ice boxes for colder air. Three functions: cools, heats and humidifies
  • LED panel displays timer, speed and modes etc.
  • Comes with remote, works within a 6m range
  • Assembly required


  • THREE FUNCTIONS: Cools, heats and humidifies - suitable for use all-year round. Suitable for 20m² sized rooms. Swings from left to right to cover a large area - blade can be moved up and down.
  • FOUR ICE BOXES: Easy to fill, makes the air colder and fresher which is ideal for hot days in the spring and summer. At a temperature of 25℃, the 8.5L water tank can last for 5 hours without adding water.
  • NINE SETTINGS: Switches between low/medium/high speed and normal/natural/sleep mode, easy to set to something comfortable.
  • 7.5 HOUR TIMER: Works in 30 minute intervals, starts and stops when you want it - great for sleeping at night.
  • LED SCREEN AND REMOTE: Easy to adjust, remote works within a 6m range.
  • DIMENSIONS: 75H x 39W x 32Dcm.
  • POWER: Cool: 75w. Heat: 2100w.