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HOMCOM 48L Plastic Motorcycle Trunk w/ Reflector Red/Black

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HOMCOM motorcycle trunk is specially designed for motorcycle riders, which is used to put their belongings when they travel. Besides the daily water cup, wallet, etc., with a large capacity of 48L, it can also put down 1 full helmet and 1 half helmet, or 2 half helmets. So you don't have to hold a heavy helmet in your hand anymore. The red reflective strip at the back of the suitcase, 2 keys and all kinds of related accessories are ready for you. You just need to buy it home and use it easily.

  • 48L large capacity internal space, can put 1 full helmet and 1 half helmet or 2 half helmets
  • Streamline shape, red and black color matching
  • Can be firmly fixed at the back of the motorcycle through accessories
  • Equipped with red reflector to improve safety factor
  • All kinds of accessories are complete and equipped with 2 keys for easy use.

  • Color: Black
  • Material: PP
  • Overall Dimensions: 58L x 44.5W x 33.5H cm
  • Inside Dimensions: 55L x 41W x 29.5H cm
  • Backplane Dimensions: 28L x 25W x 2H cm
  • Accessories: 4 M6 screws, 4 M6 nuts, 4 circular washers, 4 square washers, 4 fixed metal strips
  • Suitable for 1 full helmet and 1 half helmet, or 2 half helmets
  • Weight Capacity: 5kg