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HOMCOM 6 Foot Snow Artificial Christmas Tree with Realistic Branches, Pine Cone, for Indoor Decoration, Green White

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HOMCOM's tree for Christmas selection gets you all the ambience the holiday brings without any of the mess the holiday brings. Spending time together with friends and family is really what Christmas is all about, and your tree is something you shouldn't have to mess with (ugh). Our HOMCOM Christmas decorations tree will help take some of the hassle out of the holiday. Little mess, simple assembly, and impeccable ambience help make your season just a little brighter.


  • Lush with 2 kinds of tips for layering and pine cone for decorating, that provide a healthy, natural look
  • The ends are painted white to make them look like snow and creates a winter atmosphere without having to clean up a bunch of mess
  • Section design for quick setup
  • Flame retardant branches are unlikely to catch fire or cause serious household damage
  • Sturdy and durable base for better stability


  • SERIOUSLY NO-HASSLE: If you're looking for a UNLIT artificial Xmas tree that holds its shape and is a securer option for your family, look no further than this Christmas tree with snow-dipped leaves and pine cones. No more crowded farms (yech), no more allergies (phew), no fires, no watering, no needles, you get the idea.
  • FLUFFING IS FUN (MAYBE): The only time you're really spending is fluffing the fake Christmas tree. Fluffing can be a family-friendly way to decorate and share some hot chocolate, or make it a game: race against the clock, compete to see who fluffs the most, create an obstacle course.
  • MORE AMBIENCE IS BETTER: A flame-retardent realistic pre decorated Christmas tree is going to give some extra peace-of-mind in case you have to put your tree next to your fireplace. Of course, it's great ambience on its own, but a fireplace...I mean, come on.
  • EASY, EASY, EASY: Here's where the rubber meets the road: you get a slim cardboard box (easy storage). You get three pieces to put together (easy assembly). You get a steel base (lightweight and strong). It breaks down into sections for easy storage after the season (easy storage).
  • SNOW CHRISTMAS TREE INFORMATION: In order to get a full appearance, please spread out all individual tips to get the best possible look from the tree.