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HOMCOM Freestanding Ethanol Fireplace, Bioethanol Fire with 1.5L Tank, 3 Hours Burning Time for Indoor, Black

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If you are looking for a stylish fireplace to spice up your room, this HOMCOM ethanol fireplace is perfect for you. Using clean ethanol fuel, this bioethanol fire emits no harmful smoke or smell and a ventilation system is not required. 1.5L burner is large enough to hold 3 hours' warm in the chilling winter. Thanks to its efficiency, it can quickly warm up your room than a traditional fuel fireplace does. Add cosy ambiance to the living room or any other place with this bioethanol fireplace.


  • The burner box holds 1.5L of ethanol fuel when fully filled and can provide a flame that burns for up to 3 hours
  • This ethanol fireplace requires no electric, gas, chimney, flue and costly ventilation system, no smoke and ash, can be used almost anywhere
  • Easy to operate, all you have to do is to pour bioethanol fuel (not included) in the burner and light the fuel
  • The modern and minimalist design allows this fireplace to go well with your existing décor
  • Using ethanol fireplace is an efficient way to heat a room, it heats rooms faster and efficiently than the traditional fuel fireplace do and costs less
  • Flame snuffer to easily put flame out and keep it safely covered


  • Clean burning: Powered by alcohol, this ethanol burner produces plenty of heat and real flames efficiently and keeps you warm and cosy, without the worry of smoke and ashes.
  • Freestanding design: You can stand and use this personal fireplace practically anywhere you want, great for the spare rooms and corner spots.
  • 20-25㎡ coverage area: Great for keeping you warm as you relax in the bedroom, living space or by your desk as you work. Small, but mighty.
  • Flame snuffer: Easy to take off and put back on this indoor fire pit to put the flame out.
  • Dimensions: 40L x 30W x 50H cm. Assembly required.