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Outsunny 20x10ft Greenhouse Replacement Cover for Tunnel Walk-in Greenhouse w/ Windows Door

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This Outsunny replacement greenhouse cover will allow you to keep your plant-growing going, if the old shell should ever come to damage. It's made from PE mesh cloth, which helps to protect your crops from any outside weather which might prevent them from growing fully. The bottom edge extends a full 15cm all ways, which gives room to add weights and keep the cover in place. It features 12 roll up windows to allow air to circulate inside, and it's finished with a large zipped door for easy access in and out.

  • Suitable for tunnel-style greenhouses
  • A durable and tear-resistant replacement for old greenhouse covers - extends the lifespan of your product easily
  • 15cm overlap on all edges to weigh down. Best buried in the soil
  • Protects crops from rain, wind, frost etc., whilst keeping heat inside for effective growing
  • Zipped roll-up front door for easy access
  • Features 12 windows to let fresh air inside
  • Assembly required

  • Brand: Outsunny
  • Colour: Green
  • Material: PE
  • Dimensions: 200H x 600L x 300Wcm. Door: 200L x 200Wcm. Window: 37L x 37Wcm
  • Custom label: 845-382GN