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Outsunny Fir Wood 3-Tier Outdoor Plant Ladder Stand Burnt Orange Tone

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  • SOLID WOOD: Tough and durable for a long lasting addition to your garden furniture. Will also look great placed on your balcony or in your conservatory.
  • THREE-TIER DESIGN: Plenty of room for displaying your plants, flowers, herbs etc.
  • SLATTED SHELVES: Allows water to fall off the shelf, preventing build up to help to prevent decay and damage. HOLES ON BACKBOARD: Allows sunlight to seep through to reach the backs of the plants for all-over and even growth.
  • PAINTED FINISH: Natural look for the shelf to blend in effortlessly with its surroundings, provides protection from the elements. DIMENSIONS: 140H x 60L x 40Wcm. Top shelf: 57W x 17.2Dcm. Middle shelf: 25H x 57W x 24.5Dcm. Bottom: 37H x 57W x 24.5Dcm.

Bring an extra lease of life into your garden with this wonderful plant rack from Outsunny. Made from solid fir wood for a natural look which seamlessly blends in with the outdoors, it is crafted into a three-tier ladder design which supports up to 45kg in weight, providing plenty of room to display your plants, flowers and herbs with ease. Slatted all over, water and liquids can drain easily off the shelves to help prevent any damage, with the holes on the backboard allowing sunlight to pour through to the backs of the plants for all-round and even growth. Now an excuse to love your plants even more!