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Outsunny Polyester 2-Seater Swing Chair Replacement Cushion Beige

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Make hours of uncomfortable sitting outdoors a thing of the past, thanks to this beige bench cushion from Outsunny. Made from polyester to ensure it is tough and resistant against water and stains, the cover is made to 110 x46cm, making it the perfect fit for two-seater benches, with thick sponge filling for hours of comfort whilst you relax by yourself or with a friend. It’s finished with two tie fastenings on the top corners to attach and keep in place securely. To clean, hand wash/spot dry with cold water and mild soap and dry outdoors.


  • Fits standard two-seater benches, patio chairs etc.
  • Polyester cover with easy-use zip fastenings, is resistant to water and stains, is durable and tough for use both outdoors and indoors
  • Thick sponge filling for prolonged comfort
  • Two tie fastenings allow you to secure to bench/seat and keep in place
  • Easy to clean – spot clean or hand wash with mild soap and cool water, drying naturally outdoors


  • FITS TWO-SEATERS: The perfect way to bring comfort to patio chairs, benches and other seating where the seat is solid.
  • POLYESTER COVER: Water and stain resistant, durable and tough, it can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • THICK SPONGE FILLING: Ensures you’ll be sitting comfortably ad supported for hours on end.
  • SECURE: Two tie fastenings on the top corners allows you to attach securely to the bench to avoid it slipping out of place.
  • EASY CLEAN: Simply hand wash or spot clean with mild soap and cool water, leaving out to dry in the sun. DIMENSIONS: 110L x 46W x 5Tcm.