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Outsunny Wood Raised Garden Bed, Outdoor Planter Box with Stand, Nonwoven Fabric for Vegetables, Herbs, Flowers, Natural Stand Vegetables Flowers

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This two-tier planting bed from Outsunny will let you grow plants, flowers, vegetables and beyond - both indoors and outdoors. Wooden structure for strength, it's formed into an 'A' shape so it stands steady. The three potting boxes don't get in the way of each other, so the contents can grow as high as they like. Fabric liners inside each shelf holds the plants and soil in safely. Finished with a lick of anti-corrosion paint for that extra shield of protection.


  • THREE PLANTER DESIGN: Two tiers, gives you more room for growing and displaying plants, vegetables, herbs and flowers. Suitable for indoor and outdoors.
  • FIR WOOD STRUCTURE: It's tough and durable, in a natural finish to blend in with it's content and natural surroundings. Anti-corrosion paint layer for extra protection.
  • 'A' SHAPE: Structure is balanced and stands steady. Boxes don't get in way of each other, plants grow to their fullest potential.
  • ELEVATED: Won't need to bend down fully to plant. DIMENSIONS: 80.5H x 68W x 57.5Dcm. Single planter inner: 17H x 57.5L x 17.5Wcm.