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PawHut 100cm Cat Tree Condon with Climbing Ladder Scratching Post Ball, Light Grey

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£63.99 GBP
Want to give your cat a good place to rest and entertain? You can satisfy your friends from PawHut. Our cat tree is made of solid particleboard, which is stable and safe. Ladder and cat tree wrapped in soft flannel are very friendly to your cat and provide great comfort. The design of the scratching post allows your cat to stretch its body and sharpen its paws to protect your furniture. The all-in-one activity center provides endless fun for your friend.
  • Multi-use cat activity center for cats endless entertainment
  • Scratching posts sharpen cat's claws, promotes exercise, and protects your home furniture
  • Plush fabric provides great softness and comfort
  • Made of solid particle board to keep the whole cat tree strong and stable
  • Ladder wrapped with fluff for cats easy to climb and play
  • Suitable for cats within 4.5kg
  • Assembly required
  • Colour: Light grey
  • Material: Particle board, Jute
  • Overall dimension: 60Lx 40W x 100H cm
  • Base size: 60L x 40W cm
  • 2nd tier size: 37L x 30W cm
  • Ladder size: 28L x 16W cm
  • Cat box size: Ф34 x 26H cm
  • Door hole size: 16L x 20W cm
  • 4th round tier size: Φ30cm
  • Top cat bed size: Ф34 x 6H cm
  • Hanging ball size: Ф5cm; Scratching post size: Ф6.9cm
  • Item Label: D30-360