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PawHut 94 cm Wood Indoor Outdoor Pet Tortoise House with Two Room Design, Natural

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When the weather gets too cold in winter and your little guy can't be outside any more, this pet cage will be the ideal temporary habitat for it. Preferred by professional tortoise keepers, the PawHut Tortoise House features sturdy wood construction to offer privacy and security for your reptile pet. Featuring two rooms, this tortoise house gives your tortoise a large amount of room to walk around and rest in. The wire top design can keep your pet secure while enjoying the sunlight.

  • Features an enclosed sleeping area with hinged lid for access
  • Wire top design for keeping your pet secure while enjoying the sunlight
  • Lockable wire covers with latches, easy to open and close
  • Protects your pet tortoise from colder temperatures in winter days
  • The side panel and bottom panel can be pulled out for easy cleaning
  • Instead of glass sides, the wooden construction offers privacy and security
  • The door makes water changes and wellness checks easy and non-disruptive
  • Comes with wooden handles, very portable to move when needed

  • Material: Fir wood
  • Color: Natural wood
  • Product Dimensions: 94L x 63 W x 33H cm
  • Sleeping Area(Inner) Size: 29L x 59W x 29H cm
  • Wire Top Size: 54 L x 56W cm
  • Run Size: 57 L x 59W x 29 H cm
  • Door Size: 15W x 20H
  • Item Label: D40-011