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PawHut Cat Multi-Activity Tree Tower w/ Perch House Scratching Post Play Ball Plush Fun

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Ensure your cat is happy and healthy with this PAWHUT activity tree. Using particle board for the structure so it is stable enough for them to climb and jump, it is covered in soft and plush material for comfort and safety. The tree is composed of a house, a top perch and two platforms, giving your pet plenty of space to relax and play about. It's easy to assemble too, meaning your cat will have a new favourite spot ready in no time at all.
  • Features one small house, a top perch, two platforms, a ball ball and a play feather
  • Raised edges protect your pet from falling down
  • Sisal scratching posts for your cat's claws, helps deter them from using furniture
  • Covered in soft plush fabric for a safe and comfortable surface
  • Particle board frame ensures a solid and upright structure
  • Easy to assemble
  • Item: Cat Tree
  • Brand: PAWHUT
  • Colour: Grey and white
  • Materials: Particle board, plush and sisal ropes
  • Overall dimensions: 100H x 48L x 35W
  • Bottom hut: 24H x 35Dcm
  • Hut door: 18H x 20Wcm
  • Round platform: Ø25cm
  • Square platform: 32L x 21Wcm
  • Perch: 7H x 35L x 25Wcm
  • Overall Weight Capacity:30kg
  • Condo House Weight Capacity: 4.5kg Flat pack: Yes
  • Custom label: D30-279