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PawHut Cat Tree for Indoor Cats Kitten Tower Cattail Weave with Scratching Posts, Natural, 57 x 37 x 100.5 cm

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A go-to spot for playing, climbing and relaxing – this PawHut cat tree has everything to keep your pet satisfied. They'll have a scratching post to dig their claws into, whilst the multiple levels let them climb. When tired, they'll rest in their private cat house or lay on the top bed, where they can relax and observe their surroundings – both spots include a soft cushion for extra comfort. Finished with a particle board frame, it'll properly support your cat as they climb, play and relax.


  • Cat house and top bed – comfy spaces for cats to relax
  • Scratching posts let cats dig and sharpen their claws, deterring them from using furniture
  • Made with particle board, it's solid and stable, keeping its shape when in use
  • Colour tones fits well with home décor
  • Multiple levels, so pets can climb and play
  • Cushions are washable, keeping their space clean
  • Suitable for cats under 5kg
  • Assembly required


  • Cat activity centre: Features a house, bed, ladder and scratching posts. A cosy cat tree for pets to play, scratch, exercise and relax.
  • Comfortable features: Covered in soft plush fabric, making this cat climbing tower the perfect resting spot. Includes two washable plush cushions, adding more comfort.
  • Sturdy construction: Made of particle board, this cat play tower is strong and durable – pets will be secure as they jump, play, climb and relax.
  • Dimensions: 100.5H x 57L x 37Wcm. Cat house: 29.5H x 31L x 31Wcm. Bed: 12.5H x 40L x 40Wcm.
  • Suitable for cats under 5kg. Assembly required.