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PawHut Cat Tree, Kitten Tower, Condo, Multi-Layer Activity Center, Indoor Pet Play House with Solid Scratching Post Hanging Balls, Light Grey

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The cat tree is designed with 4 layers, the bottom layer is sturdy and has a strong centre of gravity, the second and third layers are for amusing cat balls for cats to play. The fourth platform is a cat box with built-in plush stuffing for cats to rest and relax. Scratching post for cats to sharpen their claws and avoid damage to furniture, carpets and others. From many aspects to consider the dynamic behaviour of cats, this can provide a safe, entertainment and relaxation space for cats.

  • 4-LAYER DESIGN: The cat tree has a total of four layers, the first layer is the base board, the second and third layers are cat balls for kittens to play with, and the fourth layer has a cat box on the platform for cats to relax and rest. Floor-to-ceiling design, retractable between the fourth layer to the ceiling. And it can be easy to move.
  • STURDY CORE: The cat tree is made of solid particle board to ensure a solid balance of gravity and enhance reliability to ensure the safety of the cat so that it does not shake significantly when climbing and jumping.
  • SCRATCHING POST: Scratching is a natural behavioural expression for cats, and a cat tree with a scratching post will help save the rest of your furniture and other areas of your home from their scratching.
  • PLUSH PADDING: A cat tree with safe rounded corners, a place where your cat will love to rest and relax. The plush upholstery is soft and luxurious, keeps your kitten extra comfortable and snug.
  • DIMENSION: Overall Dimension (without adjustment bar): 40L x 40W x 217H cm. Suitable Height: 229-235/ 260-266 cm. Cat tree can be suitable for about 5 kg of cats. Assembly required.