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PawHut Cat Tree Tower Activity Center Climbing Stand Kitten House Furniture with Scratching Posts Toy abd Perch 56cm Grey

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Satisfy your cat's natural instincts safely with this cat climbing tree from PawHut! This cat tree includes a sisal rope scratching post, a perch, a toy and a hanging ball toy for versatile play. Keep your furniture free of scratches and digs with this cat tower. Give your frisky felines a safe place to sharpen their claws on the cat activity center. From cat naps to play time, this cat tree gives your pets a place of their own to lounge, scratch and more.


  • Features all they need in one mini spot: a perch, scratching post and play ball
  • The sisal scratching post for keeping claws sharp and healthy
  • Toy with three ball is removable when not in use
  • Made with particleboard for a stable tree
  • Covered in soft and comfortable plush fabric
  • Suitable for cats under 4 kg
  • Assembly required


  • Miniature Design: Cat activity center features a sisal post, a perch, a hanging ball and a toy with three balls. Everything your cat/kitten needs in one spot. Your cat will love the best cat tree, which gives him a safe place to jump, climb, scratch, and play — not your furniture or kitchen counters.
  • Sisal Scratching Post: It is common for cats to scratch to remove old claw material, mark their territory, and stretch, which are all natural instincts cats have. With scratching posts wrapped with durable natural sisal ropes, our cat tower is perfect to sharpen their claws and save your furniture.
  • Soft & Comfortable: Our cat house is covered in soft and comfortable plush fabric, this cat tree is a cozy sleep and relaxing space for cats. Besides, the toy is removable for extra relaxing room.
  • Sturdy & Safe: With its sturdy particle board construction, appropriate height, and strong base, this quality cat tree is extremely stable. For your pets' safety, this is capable of withstanding jumping in and out without shaking.