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PawHut Hamster Cage Rodent Mouse Pet Small Animal Box for Indoor and Outdoor

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When you get a hamster as a pet, it is necessary to buy a proper hamster cage to give your pet the best, healthiest life possible. The Pwahut Hamster Cage provides good ventilation and plenty of room for your hamsters to move around. It's very safe and won't let your hamster injure itself while wandering around the house. Plus, it has plenty of storage space and is very easy to clean up.

  • High-quality wooden cage with excellent workmanship
  • 1 sides of the glass, 4 ventilation, good lighting, and observation
  • Perfect for hamsters, mice, and other small rodents
  • Strong and stable cedar frame
  • Openable roof, well ventilated, easy entrance
  • There is a great space for activities and entertainment
  • There are several platforms connected by ramps
  • Easy to clean
  • Assembly required

  • Material: Fir wood, PS organic glass, galvanized wire
  • Colour: Natural Wood
  • Overall Dimension: 46L x 34W x 48H cm
  • Cabin Dimensions :14L x 10.5W x 14.5H cm, 8L x 10H cm
  • Ramp Dimensions :18L x 11Wcm
  • Bottom Drawer Size :42L x 32W (cm)
  • High Off Ground: 11 cm
  • Custom Label: D51-182