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PawHut Multi-level Cat tree w/ scratching post and dangling ball

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A place for them to rest and play - all day, everyday. This multi-activity cat tree from PawHut features natural jute rope scratching posts, a hanging ball, a climbing ladder, middle house and multiple perches, giving them plenty to play with, rest in and keep themselves entertained. The scratching posts give your cat somewhere to keep their claws in shape, without using your furniture. An all-in-one centre to liven up their days and nights with ease.
  • Features a hanging ball, ladder and perches on different levels so they keep active
  • Wrapped in soft fabric with slightly rounded corners for safety
  • Middle house for them to hideaway and sleep. Features cute cat-shaped entrance
  • Jute-wrapped scratching posts for sharpening claws
  • Particle board frame ensures a tough and durable structure
  • Recommended cat weight: 5kg, assembly required
  • Brand: PawHut
  • Colour: Grey
  • Materials: Particle board, jute, plush and polyester
  • Dimensions: 124H x 60.5L x 40Wcm. House: 24H x 30L x 30Wcm. House entrance: Ф16cm. Perch, bottom to top: 60.5L x 40Wcm, 40.5L x 29.5Wcm, 60.5L x 34.5Wcm, Ф29cm. Scratching post: Ф6.9cm
  • Recommended Cat Weight: 5kg
  • Custom label: D30-323