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PawHut Wooden Chicken Coop Poultry House with Nesting Box Run Ramp Sliding Tray Grey

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Treat your chickens to the good life they deserve with this chicken chateau from PawHut! Our deluxe chicken coops are both stylish and functional. This model includes both indoor and outdoor spaces for your chickens to enjoy while being protected from predators and the elements. Easily access the interior of this coop via liftable roof sections on the nesting box, or the doors with latches on the front of the house and run. Provide your hens with their very own poultry palace from PawHut!

What's included?
 ✔ Waterproof roof
 ✔ Nesting box
 ✔ Pull-out tray
 ✔ Private sleep space
 ✔ Wire mesh
 ✔ Chicken run

  • - Quality fir wood construction with elevated house, nesting box, run, ramp, and doors
  • - Large outdoor run, take full usage of the area, provide more exercise space
  • - Raised perch to keep your chickens safe, dry, and warm
  • - Removable sliding tray for easy cleaning
  • - Non-slip ramp allows chickens to easily enter the raised house
  • - Durable chicken wire keeps your pets safe from predators and promotes air circulation
  • - Hinged nesting box for easily gathering eggs
  • - Observe window allows light and fresh air into the interior
  • - Ideal for rabbits, chickens, ducks, guinea pigs, and other small animals
  • - Assembly is required with all necessary hardware included

  • - Color: Grey and White
  • - Material: Fir, Steel
  • - Overall Dimension: 175.4L x 95.5W x 100H cm
  • - Main House Size: 57L x 78W x 44.5H cm
  • - Main House Door Size: 23.4W x 34.5H cm
  • - Ramp Size: 65L x 18H cm
  • - Botton Run Size: 57L x 78W x 35H cm
  • - Right Run Size: 78L x 57W x 73H cm
  • - Right Run Door Size: 31.3W x 46.4H cm
  • - Nesting Size:48L x 28W x 34H cm
  • - Net Weight: 25.9kg